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The story is a fanatasy bordering on the absurd; therefore, it needs some clarification.

Suchahole stands for Suchawole, which is a Polish town, (a shtetl in Yiddish), where my father was born. It was not much of a town with poverty being the standard. In the story I portray it as the Jewish Diaspora Center. Here is where everything happens, regardless of real time and space. Time and geography become intertwined only to serve the purpose of the story, so there are no real names, dates or places. When the State of Israel shows up, it is called the Israel Country Club, and the same goes for all country clubs in the story, each one    representing the country named.

The personal names entered are also fabricated, except for my father's surname Morenu, which is Hebrew for My Teacher. When he arrived in Mexico it was changed to Mareyna, my present-day surname.

I hope the reader enjoys the absurdities, ironies and fantasies that my brain concocted only to make some points, which will be self evident to the reader. I only wish that these absurdities become reality in some equally fantastic time and, hopefully, bring a change for the better.