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The Book-The Game

The Book-The Game
by Rafael Mareyna-Fallo

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Rafael Mareyna, nicknamed Fallo, was born in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. He moved to the USA and became a resident since 1998. He studied art under Arnold Belkin and Bardasano in Mexico City. In his childhood he attracted his teachers' attention for his natural ability to draw. He started to paint with oil and continued for 20 years. He exhibited in different galleries in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico. For financial reasons, he decided to interrupt his artistic endeavors and became a professional financier.

After retiring, he began what he calls his third rebirth and went back to painting in 2006. Presently, he chooses acrylics and mixed media. He works in his workshop in San Diego, CA. wall to wall with his daughter Becky Guttin who is a renowned artist. Also, one of his grandchildren, Ben Guttin, recently received his masters in visual arts in San Francisco, CA.  

Rafael, or Fallo, has been married to Dora for 58 years, has two children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren, and he works feverishly 4 to 7 days a week in his workshop. He enjoys painting what he calls abstract expressionist style and enjoys using flat vivid colors. For 'The Book-The Game', he illustrated it with 27 Hebrew alphabet letters with Rabbis enjoying the game of golf and a short story related to this with comedic political content.