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Welcome to my website!
I'm Rafael Mareyna-Fallo, author of The Book-The Game.I

When I watched the Hebrew letter Aleph, the first in the alphabet, something struck me.There was the figure of a Rabbi swinging smoothly a golf club better than I ever did.

After I finished it, my daughter Becky saw it and loved it. She insisted that I paint the whole 27 letters.

It took me a couple of months to finish the job and, while at it, I started imagining some episodes that eventually led me to write a story that made me laugh inwardly.

I don't see myself as a writer, however, it was a joy to write. Short as the story is, I found that it had a message of universal interest, especially in times like these.

But I have too much respect for writers so I will leave it to them to judge if one can find enough content in it to make a serious attempt at expanding it.

My passion is art. I love form, color, creation that comes from my mind. That keeps me going to my studio where I find myself tackling my imagination and inspiration. That keeps me going without thinking about anything except my work.

As I write this, I am past 80 years young and having a lot of fun.

Thank you.